4 Dos and Don’ts to Follow While Selecting an In-city Trucking Service

 Ankur Chowdhury 

In-city trucking can be a real pain! Believe me. If a person selects a wrong service provider then he/she will have to face a lot of problems, which for obvious reasons no one wants to encounter. Everyone wants to select the best in-city service provider so that the goods can get shift easily. It may happen that the service provider that is chosen is not arriving on time, charging more, inconvenient and not delivering things on time. The problem is compounded if you are looking for some good House Shifting Services in Bangalore. In this case there are some items which carry emotional values for you and you don’t want them to be destroyed while shifting. So, choosing an in-city trucking service requires some time and effort. Through this article, we would help you in reducing your effort in choosing the best in-city trucking service provider in Bangalore.

Look for their reviews and ratings: Yes, and this is quite easy. Nowadays, you can search anything like ratings and reviews. For this, you will just need an internet connection. And if by chance, you don’t have the connection, you can also take the assistance of friends and family members. Now what should we do is- look for multiple options and after researching properly, book a logistics or freight service. Now a days, there are players in the market who provide Mini truck rental in Bangalore. Be wary before choosing them as their vehicle may not be in proper condition and goods may not be safely carried by them.

Price matters: Unless you’re insanely rich, price matters! We are human and somehow we always try to save money for future, which is a good thing of course. So in this field also we have to think like that. Always try to book the cheapest, but never compromise on quality. We at CityLink provide the cheapest logistics service in all of Bangalore. Yes, you’re reading it correctly!Believe me, with CityLink you can book a Tata Ace at just 175 INR. Yeah! So this is really inexpensive, right? Other logistics services won’t give you this kind of service. There is a surprise as well. By using some coupons and codes you can lower the price even further.

Modes of payment: Sometimes, it may happen that you have cash, but not at the moment. Just think of a scenario where a freight service is asking money for their service but you are lacking cash just at the right time. The driver is continuously arguing with you and you’re fed up. ATM is also a bit far. In such scenarios, CityLink comes in handy because we offer flexible modes of payment like credit and debit cards as well as online payment too. What a sigh of relief! Now paying money is not a big issue and with CityLink, it’s a no issue at all!

Loader assistance is a must: If you feel that you’re Superman and can lift heavy things, you’re in a realm of fantasy. I agree that there are some things which you can carry or lift easily but not all the things. You will need some assistance and CityLink provides this facility. Now, you don’t have to lift a finger, the loader assistants will come and will move all the things to your new PG or flat without a fuss. You just have to opt for this service while booking, that’s it! Mind you the prices for loader assistance is low and fixed. This is a very little price to pay for the convenience you get.

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