5 Continual Problems that are Plaguing the Intracity Logistics Sector

 Ankur Chowdhury

Intra-city logistics is still at a nascent stage in India. It is a $ 30 Billion market and organized players has lesser than 1% of representation in this big pie. It is highly unstructured and still dominated by “stand walahs”. Their way of operation is whimsical:  the prices are not fixed, delivery is not smooth and there is no ownership involved. Here in this article, we will see what are the problems that are affecting the smooth flow of Intracity logistics? And moreover, we will also see how to conquer these problems.

Problem 1: Customers don’t get vehicles easily

Have you ever encountered a situation that you are booking a truck but there are no vehicles available when you go to stand? This is one of the most serious problems in our list. Many customers want to shift their goods within the city, but they don’t get the vehicles easily. They have to wait for the right vehicle and sometimes after proper booking also the vehicle reaches late. And if you are staying in Bengaluru your situation is even more aggravated. Finding a right vehicle at the right time in namma Bengaluru is a hectic task. But thanks to the advancement in technology and the availability of various apps, people are taking a sigh of relief.

Problem 2: Exorbitant tariffs

Sometimes customers are the real victims of marketing strategies. Some logistics service provider promise that their tariffs are the best and most economical in the city, but it ain’t like that! A customer books a truck after exhaustive and extensive research and stumbles upon a nice logistics service provider. But in the end, thanks to their hidden charges and costs, the customer always ends up paying more. This is something that has to be put an end to. Prices and tariffs must be transparent and all the terms and conditions must be showcased accordingly.

Problem 3: Substandard quality of vehicles

Sometimes a customer feels disconsolate after seeing the poor condition of the arrived vehicle after booking. The vehicle has not been properly checked up before and it may have a lot of issues. This kind of vehicle is not suitable for transporting goods but some logistics companies will dispatch the vehicle anyhow. The problem is subsisting from quite a long time. A vehicle must be proper in all manners so that the customer is happy and satisfied before and after the delivery of their goods.

Problem 4: Heavy manual work

In the high times of advancement in technology and automation still, several logistics companies are tied and looped into heavy manual work. Their each and every process calls for extra time and tiring work. This is one of the main causes of delay in service. Sometimes a customer keeps waiting for the vehicle to arrive at the right time, but due to the heavy manual works the vehicle always reach late and in the end, the company acquires an unhappy customer! 

Problem 5: Cases of over-reporting of distance

Now, this is a grave matter. Since some logistics companies are still following the manual model, the over-reporting of distance is conspicuous. What happens actually is the vehicle has traveled 10 kilometers during transportation but the driver purports that they have traveled 15 kilometers and demand more. Since the customer is unaware of this situation and they have no proper proof, he/she agrees to pay more. But this is completely unethical. They must abstain themselves from doing this act of treachery. Doing such acts the company acquires a bad name and with bad word of mouth publicity their credibility completely comes to an end.

With all the problems keeping in mind, City Link always comes up with better solutions. Here, all the processes are completely automated. Our tariff is fully transparent and there is no hidden or surprise cost. Plus, our vehicles are checked on a regular basis and we have a live-tracking facility so no one can make a false claim. All these USPs and the broad understanding of logistics domain make us formidable and an unbeatable rival among contemporaries.ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInTags:Hire a Mini TruckBook a Mini TruckTata Ace for Hire in BangaloreTruck Rental

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