5 Obvious Thoughts that Cross One’s Mind While Booking a Truck in Bangalore

Ankur Chowdhury

Here, I’ve compiled 5 queries, as well as their answers that clicks one’s mind while booking a truck in Bangalore. The QnAs are as follows:

Which company is providing best moving services in Bangalore?

When it comes to assessing services of movers in Bangalore we generally go by the following parameters: rating/reviews of the service provider, tariff rate and any value added service they provide.

There are lots of freight and logistics service in Bangalore but very few fair well in all the above criteria. Talking about City Link, we provide the cheapest rate in Bangalore. We have the best rating in our category and our value added services like EPOD, GCN, goods tracking and loaders assistance etc are impossible to beat.

How to find best local movers in Bangalore?

Simply, to find best local movers in Bangalore, you can ask your friends and relatives for some suggestions. Besides that, you can browse the internet and look for various reviews and ratings according to their service. Don’t get mislead by lower rates and look for some online references you can find about the particular company. Look for the companies who are having technology enabled platform to execute operations.

City Link has got the mobile app, web application, and call center. And it makes it easier for us to take the order and execute them right.

How to find lowest truck rates in Bangalore?

To find lowest truck rates simply search on the internet. You’ll find a number of companies who are into this space. Many of them are offering lower rates as well. But I will caution against finding the lowest rate. Since many times there are hidden costs which companies tend to hide. Also, you’ll find some companies start with the lowest rate but charge you more on per km basis or per hour basis. Do a calculation with your km and hour requirement with each of the service provider’s offering. More often than not the seemingly appearing low rate, in fact, will turn out to be expensive for a long haul movement.

But when it comes to City Link. You’ll be amazed to know that we have the lowest starting rate and we are the most economical when you go for a longer haul as well.

What are the best movers near to my location in Bangalore?

Glad that this question came to your mind. I’ve seen people stuck with the idea of having movers and packers where only the movers can do the trick. Generally, movers and packers charge for the packing but why do you need to pack stuff when you are just moving a few kms away within the city. Save your money and effort by calling moving services which companies like city link offering.

Now coming to the point of finding the best movers near to your location, you can browse the internet. There you will see a lot of freight and logistics service. Now according to your need you can easily book a vehicle with loader assistance which many companies are offering nowadays. Have a look at the review/rating of the company. Check the tariff rate and loader assistance charges. Use their app or website if they have any. Or call their call center if need be.

Keeping all the above factors in mind you’ll find that City Link does well on all these parameters.  We have our own app, website and call center. We provide loader assistance at the most competitive rate. And our tariff rates are the lowest.

How to Book a Tata ace in Bangalore?

Let’s cut to the chase, in my opinion, the best way to book a Tata Ace in Bangalore is to use a mobile app. Since this method saves a considerable amount of time as well as energy. You can look at the tariff plan, enter details of the booking and keep track of the booking as well if the app is robust enough.

Assume the logistics company doesn’t have an app of their own, then browse the internet. With that, you can have some idea regarding which is the better service provider near your area. And if you don’t want to go through this rigmarole then simply call for City Link for booking on 080-43444344. You’ll be amazed to see the simplicity of the process of booking a Tata ace.

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