5 Tips for moving your house cheaply in Bangalore


Moving home in an easy and economical way sounds good. But I should tell you in the very beginning that some easiest ways may not be the most economical ways to do it and vice versa. Hence, you have to find a way that keeps balance in both aspects: easiest and economical.

One of the first things you need to decide is whether you are going to hire a movers and packers service or only movers service. We are of the opinion that you should not shift your goods with Packers and Movers when an option to move goods are available easily and economically with the best movers in Bangalore. In addition, we are providing you five tips which will help you to move your house cheaply in Bangalore.

1) Pack goods: By now, you understand that you have chosen only Movers to shift your goods. Once this is done you have to plan packing your goods and keep them ready for shifting. It’s very easy to pack the goods on your own. First, you just need to get hold of straps, slider, dolly, packing tape and wrapping paper etc which are essential for packing the goods. But remember, once you get a confidence of the quality packing then only go for further step otherwise there is no point end up damaging your goods due to low quality of packing. If you are unsure of how to go about packing you can also take help of YouTube videos. There are many great videos online and you’ll see how important it is to pack your goods yourself.

Goods Packing

2) Choose a right vehicle: The best option to save money is to choose the right vehicle for movement of goods with in Bangalore. For example if you live in small 1 BHK house with no major household items and all your luggage can fit into a small truck then do prefer Tata Ace /super ace vehicles which will be cheaper than other bigger vehicles. If you need any help choosing the right vehicle, you should call customer care and get the right suggestion.

3) Loader Help: After you decide the vehicle to shift your goods then do focus on helpers. If you don’t have men back up and don’t have the relevant skills then do prefer to hire helpers with minimal charges for both loading and offloading of your goods. There are movers available who provide you helpers at a nominal charge. Be sure to get the correct number of helpers as there is no point in lifting goods yourself and hurting your back.

4) Schedule Time: As we all know Time is a cost factor in transportation and logistics industry but movers rate vary from time to time and sometimes surcharges may also be applicable during the peak times/weekends. You can choose the most economical plan by kms and time by going through website/app of such movers. One of the best movers in Bangalore can be found here. After fixing the time and before reaching the vehicle, please do keep all your luggage ready for loading and offloading into the truck and save the money. This is easy and most economical option.

5) Insurance: Make sure to select insurance feature while booking a Truck and this will help you to recover the cost of any damaged goods which may happen due to vehicle meeting with accident.

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