5 Ways to Stay Independent from the Shackles of Random Truckers on this Independence Day

Ankur Chowdhury 

We humans love our freedom and us hardly ever want to compromise it. Coming to Bangalore transportation sector this holds even more relevance. Assume you want to shift some goods and you have no freedom in deciding the best choice. All you have available are some random truckers with no track records and having no way to understand your needs. Where is the freedom of choice? You can only feel liberated when you come out of the shackles of these random shifters. Here in this article, we will show you 5 ways that will help you to make an informed choice and feel the sense of liberty.

Book a professional in-city logistics service: Hiring a trucker from a reputed and professional logistics service is far way better than hiring a random trucker. You can expect top-notch service from a professional trucker and somehow if they are not up to the mark then you can complain, but this is simply impossible for random truckers. Professional Movers and Packers In Bangaloreknows all the routes, potholes, shortcuts and more. These kind of advantages you won’t get while booking a random trucker.

Say NO to surcharge: If you’re a common man who is looking for Movers and Packers In Bangalorethen this might help. Hiring a random trucker is really a bad decision because they might demand more. In addition to this, during the festival time they always demand more. They will ask for some tip or any extra amount. If you won’t pay them the tip, they will simply hike their rates. Now, what else should one do? You can book a professional logistics service because you’ll get an invoice after that, which is a proof of their service.

Searching a random trucker :If you want to move to a new flat or simply want a logistics or freight service, what will you do? I guess, you won’t start searching for random truckers shouting out loud on the streets. That’s not cool! So there’s a smart way. You can search for “Bangalore Transportation” as keywords on search engine with the help of your smartphone. Who knows, you will be lucky and you’ll stumble upon a professional service like CityLink, who has got an application of their own. Booking through this app is like a piece of pie. What you need to do is download the app and then open it. Enter a few details and leave all the worries behind.

Behavioral issues: Professional services come with a host of other benefits. For example, CityLink always does a background check of the drivers. We emphasize on professional behavior of the drivers. Our drivers are always neat and tidy. This is a great advantage, which is more of a quality service that you won’t get in case of random truckers. In addition to this, we also focus on punctuality. The USP is on time delivery at any cost.

Loader assistance: Now this is a very stubborn issue and we all face it. After finishing their work, random truckers will go. Just think of all those heavy items like addressing table, computer table, sofa, beds and much more that you will have to take inside to your new flat. Phew! I am sweating just by thinking that aggravated scenario. Book a professional and smart in-city logistics service, like CityLink that will also provide loader assistance. Now you don’t have to lift a single finger. You can just take some rest and all the stuff will be moved into your house. Ain’t that an amazing news. Take a sigh of relief and some rest too, because you deserve it.

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