Secrets Revealed: Why You Must Download and Start Referring & Earning Through the Referral App

 Ankur Chowdhury

Recently, we’ve launched a mobile application. The name of the app is Referral App.

What’s this app?

This is an app to refer your friends and family and earn while they enjoy an awesome experience of moving their stuff with City Link.

What’s the deal?

You refer your friends and family to City Link. When they register and start booking with City Link, you’ll start earning.

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5 Continual Problems that are Plaguing the Intracity Logistics Sector

By Ankur Chowdhury

Intra-city logistics is still at a nascent stage in India. It is a $ 30 Billion market and organized players has lesser than 1% of representation in this big pie. It is highly unstructured and still dominated by “stand walahs”. Their way of operation is whimsical:  the prices are not fixed, delivery is not smooth and there is no ownership involved. Here in this article, we will see what are the problems that are affecting the smooth flow of Intracity logistics? And moreover, we will also see how to conquer these problems.Tags:Hire a Mini TruckBook a Mini TruckTata Ace for Hire in BangaloreTruck Rental

Why You Must Join Hands with City Link’s Vendor Program Instantly

By Ankur ChowdhuryTags:Vendor ProgramTata ace attachment in BangaloreGoods vehicle attachment in Bangalore

A Brief Guide on Digital Currency

Pixelated Bitcoin 

 Ankur Chowdhury

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