Why You Must Join Hands with City Link’s Vendor Program Instantly

Ankur Chowdhury

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new program for vendor partners. The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities to more number of vendors to work with us. The program in its simplicity asks vendor partner to register on our website and upload a few documents. If a vendor qualifies on our selection criteria we onboard the vendor on our platform immediately. With this we’ve reduced the need for a vendor to come and visit us to submit documents and improved the time under which we onboard our vendor partner. Given below are the steps in detail to get registered with us.

Steps for Vendor Registration:

  1. Click on the URL : http://www.citylink.co/vendor/
  2. Provide Personal details: 
    Just fill in the basic details like your name, mobile number, date of birth and proper address. You can also upload your picture for the profile completion.
  3. Provide Vehicle details: 
    Enter the details of your vehicle. We will need your vehicle number, a model of your vehicle, and further basic details like Engine number, driving license, RC Validity, and Insurance number. That’s it! You’re good to go after filling all the info.
  4. Upload all the docs:
    Here, upload the digitally scanned copy of your dossiers like RC, Insurance, and Driving License.

The benefits of Vendor Program:

Here we will discuss all the benefits of our Vendor Program:

  • Assured business: Not just a talk, but a serious promise.
  • Flexible business hours: Not a regular 9 to 5 job. Be your own boss.
  • Quick payment: Money matters and we know it. With City Link, there’s no delay.
  • Transparent process: No hidden pitfalls. Everything’s crystal clear.
  • Better growth opportunities: Each and every step count. Flourish with us.
  • Best in class driver support: Don’t worry! We provide 24*7 support service.
  • Advance technology: High-tech devices and facilities are available.
  • Multiple channels for a business generation: Call center, social media and much more channels to explore.
  • Free health checks up: We provide routine health checkup without any miss.
  • Support for vehicle insurance: We provide vehicle insurance to enhance our service in every way.

Join hands with City Link to explore and enlarge your business opportunities. Monetize your dormant money earning strategies with us and never stop earning!

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